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Hey guys wanna see the host?

Sorry about picture quality, I used my cell phone. So yea this is our host setup. I built both desktop computers, the one with the blue screen on the tower is all custom not one part is original. The black one in the back is built from all spare parts I had from taking apart people computers, the motherboard was a friends. The screens are both tube, with a red paint job I did at a friends shop, I would buy some flat screens but they are hard on the eyes, and I don't got money to spend on them. The belkin game pad you see there is a top of the market gaming macro pad, here is a better picture of it:

Then I got some skull candies, they have really good sound quality, but brake easily. The laptop is an older Toshiba Satalite m70pro, but wait, its running windows 7 wtf? Yea I modified it for that, otherwise it would crash from lots of RAM usage (windows 7 uses lots of memory, for running system files).

Okay how much did I pay for all of this? I think the most I have paid has been $200 and a pocket bike. The rest were gifts usually gift cards around Christmas lol. The atrix (chrome/neon blue) case was a online trade. Btw I dont pay for anything on a computer I get it all from a friend, you can talk to him here

Oh wait I am still paying people off for some things like that game pad, damn lol. Buy yea you now know the host of SnowScape!!! Enjoy playing in-game! Don't forget to vote every hour! Post on the forums! Thats all for this post, bye Smile

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